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2015 Teachers Pet Contest



MCMS has raised money for the Humane Society. Everyone in MCMS had the chance to donate money, and many participated. We had the idea to have teachers bring in their pet’s picture. We placed these pictures on jars, and set them out in the lunch room making voting available to all. MCMS students and staff donated by placing money in teacher’s pet jars. This fundraiser took place the week of February 9th- 13th. We were able to raise $234.10 from the help of student and staff at MCMS. There are many purposes for us participating in this activity. One reason for participating is to be able to learn and apply financial literacy skills. While learning, our hopes were to raise money for our local animal shelter. We collected all the money from each jar and the winning teachers’ pet jar goes to, Mrs. Suzie Rickard and her pets, her pets Frankie, Cash, Molly, and Charlie.

A Day In The Park

Students in Ms. Austin’s 1st and 3rd period classes acted as park rangers to estimate the population of fish in their “lake” (brown paper bag) using colored goldfish as tagged fish and regular goldfish as other fish in the lake population. Students created and solved proportions to estimate the total number of fish in their “lake.” Students then counted the fish in their lake to see how close their estimate was to the actual population. One group’s estimate was the same as the actual population, and several groups were either one away or very close to the actual population!

Humane Society Fundraiser


MCMS is excited to announce that Mrs. Suzie Rickard and her pets are the winners on the 2015 Teacher's Pet Contest!! MCMS wants to thank both the staff and students for their contributions, and for making this fundraiser a success. With everyone's help, MCMS was able to raise more than $200 for the humane society!!


Metamorphosis is when an animal transforms from a larvae to a new state. In Mrs. Gordon's 6th grade class, we are caring for and raising small little caterpillars. They will soon turn into butterflies! After the butterflies are grown and ready, we will free them and then start growing praying mantises! They have a life cycle of Egg to Nymph, then to Adolescent, and finally an adult! Right now, They are growing well! Life is such a fun Cycle!

8th Grade Students of The Month

McKenna Hart and Justin Capps

6th Grade Student of The Month

Isabella DeLaCruz and Grant Mills

America's Farmers Grow Communities

Americas Farmers Grow Communities, which is sponsored by the Monsanto Fund is a program that was launched in 2010 and since then has been successful. This program allows farmers to enter to win $2,500 for their favorite community nonprofit organization such as FFA, 4-H, schools, etc. Our school was lucky enough to have been awarded with this money

7th grade students of the month

Destinee Landolt and Josh Bartlett.

Teacher of The Month

This months teacher of the month is Mrs. Cartwright. She has worked at MCMS for 8 years. She has two children, one grandchild, a sister, one niece, and one nephew. What she likes about her job is seeing her students grow and personally and academically. In her spare time she loves to read and participate in outdoor activities in warm weather. She loves spending time with her family and friends.

Spotight ESP

This months ESP spotlight is Mrs. Johnson. She has been at MCMS for 4 years. She worked at the highschool However for 7 years. She enjoys working with kids especially when she sees her students out in public. She has 1 kid, and she is married. On her own time she likes to relax, crochette, and to spend time with her family.

2015-16 Calendar Approved

At the December 18th board meeting, the school board approved the 2015-2016 school calendar. Please feel free to use this document to make vacation plans for the up-coming year.





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